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Utah’s diverse wildlife and the lands they inhabit are a vital part of the state’s legacy and deserve protection and stewardship. They are important ecologically, helping maintain the natural balance that keeps our iconic landscapes vibrant. They contribute to our enjoyment of the outdoors, and they are an important part of our tourism and outdoor economy. Thank you for investing in Wild Utah Project to bring sensible, science-based solutions to the management of wildlife and wildlands for generations to come.  You can: 



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LeaviNG a Legacy Gift

Support wildlife and wildlands for generations to come

A will is the cornerstone of any estate plan, regardless of your level of financial wealth. It is also a popular way to leave a legacy.  You can add Wild Utah Project to your existing will by revising and re-executing the document at any time, or by executing a separate amendment called a codicil. You can either remain flexible by indicating a percentage or specify a dollar amount and you can even put your spouse or partner first in line with a 'second-to-die' bequest.  

The tax ID# for Wild Utah Project is 83-0468561. See Charity Navigator for more information. To consider all of your legacy gift options, be sure to talk to your legal counsel.